The Webb Brothers
Berard, Fabian and Marius Webb at Thornside
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Below is the complete list of Albums and CDs recorded by the Webb Brothers
through more than 50 years of their singing career.
It is important to note that the LPs are not available as originally released but
some songs have been re-released in 
The Webb Brothers, Best of Vol. 1 and 2, Catalogue Number: 5249845852

CDs Currently Available

CD Cover Photo - Best Of Vol 1 and 2

The Webb Brothers Best Of†
Vol. 1 and 2 - Warner 52498452

Mustering On

Still Available

LP Albums (No Longer Available)

1959 - Clancy of the Overflow - W&G B2632
1962 - It Ainít Gonna Rain No More - Festival FL30723
1972 - Big Country - ATA 934535
1974 - Iím Gonna Be a Country Boy Again -ATA L35261
1974 - Call of the Bellbird (double Album) - Festival L45465/6
1975 - Live In New Zealand - Festival L35401
1976 - Town and Country with the Webb Brothers - 
          Festival 35842
1982 - Silver Jubilee Album - RCA VPL 10384

Mustering On

1.  We're Country Singers
2.  Swagman
3.  Mary Valley Dreams
4.  Mountains High
5.  Catfish John
6.  The Old Bush Hat
7.  The Honey, The Bee, You and Me
8.  Boy On Parole
9.  There's No More Blues for Me
10. A Country Dance
11. The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey's Plane
12. Let's Hear It For The Workin' Man
13. Call Of The Bellbird