The Webb Brothers
Berard, Fabian and Marius Webb at Thornside
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The Webb Brothers - The Best Of Vol 1 and 2
Released 4th February, 2011

Disc 1
1. The Palmer River Song
2. Next Door Neighbours Kid
3. On the Old Verandah
4. The Melody of Rain
5. Old Australian Home
6. Saturday Dance
7. Do You Remember
8. Pop Said To Me
9. Hand of the Maker
10. Purple Petrol Eater
11. Here On This Mountain
12. June Rose Waltz
13. Weíve Got The Country
14. My Happy Song
15. Sweet On My Mind
16. The Jockeys Are Striking
17. If Only
18. Donít It Make You Want to Go
19. Dry Weather Blues
20. Call of the Bellbird
21. Who Put the Roo In the Stew

Disc 2
1. Gonna Be A Country Boy Again
2. Last Thing On My Mind
3. Back In Each Others Arms Again
4. Whisky In The Jar
5. Down By The River Side
6. Cotton Fields
7. Had to Leave Her
8. Guilty
9. I Want You Back
10. One Day At A Time
11. Itíll Be Her
12. Hail The Man Nash
13. Grandfathers Clock
14. Did She Mention My Name
15. She Burned The Little Roadside Tavern Down
16. Where Am I
17. Simple Words
18. Bicycle Wreck
19. Four In The Morning
20. Kiss An Angel Good Morning
21. Gold Fever
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