The Webb Brothers
Berard, Fabian and Marius Webb at Thornside
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The Webb Brothers have been performing, writing and recording country music for almost 50 years.

The unique trio, featuring brothers Fabian, Marius and Berard, have won 2 Golden Guitar Awards, featured twice on the ABC documentary "A Big Country", toured Australia and New Zealand multiple times, and were inducted into the Tamworth "Hands Of Fame" in 1978 and "Roll Of Renown" in 2004.

The year 1982 was especially memorable for the Webb Brothers, when they opened the gates of their cattle property, "Thornside", to 6,000 country music fans. It was an event to celebrate 25 years in country music and the 100 year anniversary of their family property. Now known as "The Gympie Muster", the event has been running annually for 29 years and is one of Australia's best known and loved country music festivals. Since its inception, the Muster has raised more than $12 million for charities Australia-wide.